Liquid Biopsy Labs

Liquid Biopsy Labs have developed a revolutionary test for early cancer detection and accurate treatment monitoring, allowing doctors and patients to have confidence in their treatment decisions. Their product is top notch, and they needed a professional brand package to showcase the quality, professionalism, and innovation of the test kits. There were some pieces of their original logo that they wanted to hang onto, but it was time to freshen things up to lift them in the market.

We created a professional new brand package for Liquid Biopsy Labs to help bring their product to market in a clean and user friendly way. We reconsidered the format of the boxes the test kits are mailed in to break down the multi-step process in a way that all users would easily understand. A custom box design with step by step inserts were the first pieces to be updated. The box was sized and designed to stand up to allow for the test tube to be placed inside the box and stand upright for the required 30 minutes after the sample draw, eliminating the need for a test tube stand and streamlining the process. We’re thrilled with how these turned out and hope that this considered design will help people navigate the process with ease.