• Client The Brickers Cider Company / Category Craft Label Design

Our friends at Bricker’s Cider have been growing, growing, growing… not only their business, but also their loyal fan base and product line! To help them make sense of and distinguish between their core products, small craft batch seasonal ciders, and specialty barrel-aged ciders, we expanded their brand to introduce two new label designs.

The small craft batch series drew inspiration from the adjuncts used in the brewing process to incorporate a series of beautiful botanical illustrations, and features a lovely, bold, craft-friendly colour palette.

The barrel-aged series ciders have become a highly-prized selection at the cidery, and take 18 months to produce! Borrowing from the sophistication that a wine or spirit barrel-aged product should carry, we developed a sleek black label with gold foil designs to create something as unique and precious as the cider inside.