• Client Queenstown Lakes District Council / Category Branding, Style Guide and Full System of Outdoor Signage

The Queenstown Lakes District Council in New Zealand had an interesting challenge on its hands: five different neighbourhoods, all with extensive parks and recreation signage systems already in place, and zero consistency or coordination between them. As the population and tourism industry were growing, so was the need to build a cohesive signage system to help residents and visitors alike traverse the extensive network of trails, parks and pathways with ease.

Working with a partner agency and consulting with multiple stakeholders across neighbourhoods and  district departments, we built a new graphic identity and system of signage, then worked directly with production companies to ensure the signs fit the locations perfectly and could withstand the test of time, be it weather or vandalism.

The result was a world-class system of signage that the Queenstown Lakes District Council could use for generations to come.