• Client Met Printers / Category Branding, Design, Packaging

What a fun project! Working alongside another agency, one of our partner suppliers, MET Printers, needed help with their annual Christmas gift to clients. Originally from Greece, the head of MET was known for giving away 500 bottles of his very own limited-edition olive oil to key clients on behalf of the company. For 2017, we designed the packaging, starting with a unique oil painting of an olive tree. Together with a handwritten font and the name Kallas, we had some lovely old-world charm on our hands that recalled a deep tradition of producing top quality olive oil in Greece. For the actual box, we brought in a magnetic fold to snap the whole case together and lined the interior with illustrations of the implements used to cut, crush and produce the oils. The result was a lovely premium box that MET Printers were thrilled with and their clients raved about!