ACV Apple Cider Drinking Vinegar

  • Client Route 18 / Category Branding, Naming, Design, Packaging, Launch & Marketing

When Route 18 engaged with us, they were looking to rebrand their line of apple cider vinegar drinks and gain some visibility with retailers at CHFA West 2019. The product was chock full of benefits for the consumer but needed some help on-shelf to stand out and breakthrough to the market. We quickly saw the opportunity to start owning the name “ACV” on the product, which no one was doing yet, and build a brand full of energy, bravery and vitality to match this beautiful, all-natural beverage. Apple cider vinegar is beneficial for your guts, but not an easy drink to take. It requires a bit of courage not only for the consumer to raise a glass, but also for Route 18 to bring to market. Therein lied the perfect brand essence for this one: No guts, no glory.